New features in Content Template 4.4 | HCL Digital Experience

New features for Content Template Catalog 4.4 include support for recent CF feature updates and updates to the CTC Demo site.

HCL Portal 8.5 CF08 and Content Template

Content Template version 4.3 or earlier are not compatible with HCL Portal 8.5 CF08 or higher.

If you upgrade to HCL Portal 8.5 CF08 or higher, you must also upgrade to Content Template 4.4.

Site Builder is no longer included with Content Template 4.4

Site Builder is now installed as part of HCL Portal 8.5 CF08 and is removed from the Content Template installation.
Note: Older versions of Content Template cannot be used to install Site Builder on HCL Portal 8.5 CF08. The old Content Template version of Site Builder does not work on HCL Portal 8.5 CF08 or higher.

HCL Portal 8.5 CF07 updates

The following CFO7 feature updates are used by Content Template 4.4:
  • Images and files can now be either uploaded from your computer or selected from existing web content library images and files.
  • There is a new inline edit interface.

CTC Demo site updates

  • The CTC Demo site is now translated into French in addition to the existing Arabic, Spanish, German, and Chinese translations.
  • Time-based content in the CTC Demo site is refreshed so that it displays on the CTC Demo site home page. You can refresh the year that is used in time-based content by running a ConfigEngine task. See Troubleshooting components for further information.
  • The CTC Demo site URLs now contain dashes instead of spaces to make the CTC Demo site content URLs clearer.