New features in Content Template 4.1 | HCL Digital Experience

New features for Content Template Catalog 4.1 include additional page templates, plus two new sample sites.

New page templates

The following page templates have been added to support additional page types:
Offerings Index and Offerings Details
These page templates are used to promote products or services. They include an image gallery and video gallery so that you can upload multiple product photos.
Contact Us
This page template is used to display contact information for your company, and allows users to submit feedback.
Landing Pages
Four new landing pages have been added to provide different types of landing experiences to different sections of your site.
Events Calendar
This new page template displays events in a calendar view.

New Site Builder site templates

Two new site templates are included. One for Intranets, and one for externally facing Internet sites. These are used to quickly role out new sites, or they can be used as the basis for new site templates.

New branch copy authoring plug-in

A new authoring plug-in has been added that allows you to branch copy a site area, including all the child site areas and content items, from the read view of a site area in the Web Content Manager user interface.

Tagging and rating

Tagging and rating is now supported on pages by using the new profile named Content with Tagging and Rating.

Performance improvements and other fixes

Updates to address Content Template 4.0 defects plus performance improvements have been included in Content Template 4.1.

Improved documentation

Documentation for the assets shipped with Content Template has been added, including detailed documentation for each page template and portlet used by Content Template.