URLs for Cognos® Business Intelligence components

While troubleshooting the Metrics application and HCL Cognos® Business Intelligence components, you might need to visit components URLs to verify the component is running.

Server component URLs

Table 1 provides the URLs for each server component deployed with Cognos® Business Intelligence.

Table 1. URLs that you can use for accessing Cognos® Business Intelligence components

Column 1 describes a task you might need to complete and column 2 provides the appropriate URL.

Task URL

Verify that the Cognos® Content Manager is running.

http://Cognos WAS server host name:port/Cognos_context_root/servlet
For example:

Verify that the Cognos® BI Server contains HCL Connections customized packages for Cognos®.

Before federating the Cognos® node to the Deployment Manager, use the following URL:
For example:
After federating the Cognos® node to the Deployment Manager, use the following URL:
For example:
Note: Images and icons might not display properly but this can safely be ignored.

Log in to the Integrated Solutions Console on the Deployment Manager that supports Connections and Cognos® Business Intelligence. Use this URL to manage nodes in the HCL Connections cell.

For example: