Collecting communities catalog troubleshooting data

Collect communities catalog data to help HCL Support diagnose catalog problems.

Mandatory data

Gather and provide the following information related to any communities catalog issues:
  • The values of the CATALOG_INDEX_DIR and CATLAOG_REPICATION_DIR WebSphere variables.
  • A detailed description of the issue that includes the scenario that caused the issue, user names, and time stamps to match the issue.
  • Trace files from all existing nodes.
  • Fiddler traces of UI HTTP calls.

Screen captures

Collect as many screen captures as possible, for example:
  • I'm an owner, I'm a member, I'm following, I'm inviter, or Public Communities views (whichever is relevant to the issue).
  • Catalog admin page overview and the details for every crawler that is defined.

Database tables

Collect the content of the following a database tables:

Index files

Collect the content found in the folders that are defined by the following WebSphere Application Server variables (for all nodes):

Trace Files

Set the following Trace flags in each node that the Communities application is installed on: