Generating Security identifiers to be used in configuration

You need to generate Security Identifiers (SID) values for installing HCL Connections Content Manager with a new FileNet® deployment or an existing FileNet® deployment.

About this task

A Security Identifier (SID) is an internal ID used within Connections Content Manager and FileNet. This internal ID is used to reference a user in some areas of configuration. Specifically, you will need SIDs when setting up anonymous access and configuring indexing. Follow these instructions if you chose to install Connections Content Manager with a new FileNet® deployment.


  1. Find the tool under <Connections_HOME>\addons\ccm\ccmDomainTool.
    Note: You might find the tool under <Connections_HOME>\Filenet\ContentEngine\ccmDomainTool
  2. Run the following command to generate the SID value for an associate username:
    • Windows: generateSID.bat
    • Linux, AIX®:
    You will be asked for the following inputs:
    • Domain admin user password
    • Username you want to generate the SID for.
    Once these inputs have been collected the program will return the SID value.


If this script experiences a problem and your domain or object store is new, it might indicate a problem with the initial creation of the FileNet P8 Domain or Object Store. Review the troubleshooting section to ensure that your domain and object store were created successfully using the scripts provided in Configuring Libraries automatically.