Optional: Changing the location on disk used to store library content

If the system path used to access the shared content directory is changed for any reason, the IBM® FileNet® configuration needs to be updated.

About this task

Changing the disk location also might be necessary during migration if the file structure on the target system does not match the source, especially if the source and target are not the same operating system and do not use the same path conventions, or if, for example, the CCM content directory has been moved for any reason. Updating the Root Directory Path property in FileNet's Administration Console for Content Engine (ACCE) will not move content on the file system. The content of the old directory path must be made available at the new directory path through file system operations (by mounting a shared file system at this location on each WebSphere® node).


  1. Open http://<host>:<port>/acce on your deployment and log in as a FileNet® administrator.
  2. Navigate toICDomain > Object Stores > ICObjectStore > Administration > Storage Areas > ICObjectStore > Properties.
    If you created the object store manually, your object store name and storage area name might be different.
  3. Edit the Root Directory Path and then click Save.