Administering Metrics

Administer metrics in HCL Connections by modifying configuration settings, backing up data, and running commands to perform maintenance tasks.

About this task

HCL Connections provides vital metrics about your deployment. Metrics are presented simply, using charts that provide clear business value to users, executives, and administrators. HCL Connections metrics are supported by IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence, which you install as part of the Connections deployment. HCL Connections application events, such as reading or creating objects, generate metrics that are stored in a database, which synchronizes with a Cognos® PowerCube to store data so it can be accessed along different dimensions. When a Connections user runs a Metrics report, the Cognos® server sends the data to the HCL Connections metrics interface.

Authorized users can work with the charts interactively, filtering data by parameters such as geography and time period, and drilling down into data points for more detail. The Connections administrator can customize reports using a suite of Cognos® tools. Refer to the Cognos® documentation for detailed information on customizing reports as well as administering the PowerCube as well as the Cognos® server.