Adding Linked Libraries

Enable and configure linked libraries so that Community owners can add them.

Before you begin

Linked Libraries allow you to connect a community to an existing Library (or FileNet® teamspace). Linked Libraries allow a community to reference the content of libraries and teamspaces owned by another community or even owned by applications outside of Connections such as IBM® Content Navigator. In contrast to a community library, the access control of a Linked Library is not controlled by the community membership. When connecting a Linked Library to existing content in FileNet®, the access control or sharing control of the existing FileNet® content are not altered. Other applications outside of HCL Connections, or even another community in Connections, may already control access to the content in a Linked Library.

Users with access to the community containing a Linked Library do not automatically have access to its content. Similarly, users with access to a Linked Library through FileNet® do not automatically have access to all the communities which reference or display that content. This is because a user only requires read access to content to point a Linked Library to that content, and therefore the user adding the Linked Library may not be authorized to set access control on the content of the Linked Library. Linked Library content does not appear in the community updates tab or in the community search, and users following a community do not get notifications about content in Linked Libraries.

Before enabling linked libraries, make sure that you have one of the following Enterprise Content Management systems installed:
  • IBM DB2® Content Manager 8.4.3 with FixPack 1 or later.
  • IBM® FileNet® P8 5.2.0 or later with IBM® FileNet® Collaboration Services version 2.0.

To install IBM® FileNet® P8 5.2.0 or later with IBM® FileNet® Collaboration Services version 2.0, see the Planning, Installing, and Configuring IBM® FileNet® Collaboration Services topic in the IBM® FileNet® P8 information center.