Enabling linked libraries

Enable the Linked Library widget in HCL Connections so that community owners can add linked libraries to their communities.

About this task

Linked libraries are installed with HCL Connections, but you must enable them.


  1. Edit widgets-config.xml to include the Linked Library widget definition:
    1. Check out widgets-config.xml. See Using the widgets-config.xml file for Communities.
    2. Uncomment the following XML widget definition following the resource type="community":
      <widgetDef defId="CustomLibrary" bundleRefId="lc_clib" 
        description="CustomLibrary.description" modes="view edit fullpage" primaryWidget="false"
        uniqueInstance="true" displayLoginRequired="true">
  2. Enable communication between Connections and the ECM servers. For instructions, see Configuring the library widget proxy.