Working with community apps

Use the options available from the Actions icon to interact with the apps in your community. The actions that are available to you depend on your role within the community.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to edit, hide, move, or remove the apps in a community. Also, you must be logged in to Communities to accomplish these tasks.


From the community Overview page, click the Actions icon Actions icon in the title bar of the app that you want to work with, and then do one of the following actions:
  • To expand or collapse the app content, select Maximize or Minimize.
  • To update the app display, select Refresh.
  • To work with app settings, select Edit. These settings differ depending on the type of app that you are working with. Some apps cannot be edited, in which case the Edit option does not display on the action menu.
  • To change the app title, select Change Title. The title of some apps cannot be changed, in which case the Change Title option does not display on the action menu.
  • To temporarily remove the app from the community, select Hide. You can reactivate the app at any time by selecting Community Actions > Add Apps and choosing the app from the Hidden section of the palette. Hiding an app does not delete the information that you already added. If you add the app to the community again, any information previously added is restored to the community.
    • You cannot hide the Recent Updates app.
  • To permanently remove an app from the community, select Remove. Complete the form that displays to confirm that you want to remove the app, and then click Delete. When you choose this option, all data that is associated with the app is permanently deleted, therefore ensure that the information is no longer needed. Alternatively, you can hide the app.
    • You cannot remove the Recent Updates app.
    • Removing the Files app permanently deletes all the files previously added to the community. This content cannot be retrieved later.
  • After you add apps to a community, you can move them around to find a layout that suits the needs of the community.
    To move an app, click the app title bar and drag the app to a new location on the page. Release the mouse to dock the app in the location that you want.
    Note: You cannot move the content within an app, only the app itself.

    If you want to move the app only one row, click the Actions icon Actions icon in the title bar of the app that you want to move, and then click Move Up or Move Down.