What can I do as a community owner?

Find out what actions you can perform in a community when you are a community owner.

Tasks in the community

Tip: If you are unsure of what your role is within a community, open the Members page and look for your name or for the name of the group to which you belong. Your role displays under your name or group name.
Note: The tasks listed in the following tables indicate what a community owner can do by default. However, your administrator might disable features or alter permissions, which can restrict the following actions:
  • Creating communities or subcommunities
  • Deleting communities or subcommunities
  • Setting themes
  • Moderating community content
  • Adding members
  • Importing members
  • Inviting members
In addition to the tasks that a regular community member can perform, community owners can perform the following management tasks by default.
Table 1. Management tasks
Task type Community owners can
Community management
  • Delete the community
  • Update the community name
  • Update the community description
  • Change the community access level
  • Upload an image to associate with the community
  • Change the theme of the community
  • Add and remove community tags
  • Edit and delete community content
  • Create, edit, and delete subcommunities
  • Moderate community content
For more information, see Managing your communities.
Membership management
  • Add and remove members
  • Invite new members
  • Revoke member invitations
  • Accept membership requests (in a moderated community)
  • Change the role of members
  • Import community members
For more information, see How do I add community members?
app management
  • Add apps
  • Edit app settings
  • Move apps
  • Hide apps
  • Delete apps
For more information, see Adding apps to your community.
Community owners can also perform the following tasks when working with community resources.
Table 2. Connections
Resource Community owners can
  • Edit and delete any community activities
  • Mark activities as complete
  • Add and remove activity members (by updating the community membership)
  • Add, edit, and delete community blog entries and comments
  • Update the community blog title, description, and tags
  • Change the time zone associated with the community blog
  • Change the access level of community blog members
  • Moderate the content of your community blog (when owner moderation is enabled)
  • Edit and delete any community bookmarks
  • Edit and delete any community events.
  • Edit and delete any community feeds
  • Update and remove any community files from the community
  • Change the file access level of community members
  • Moderate the content of community files (when owner moderation is enabled)
  • Restore deleted files to the community (when trash is enabled)
  • Delete individual files from the trash (when trash is enabled)
  • Delete all files from the trash (when trash is enabled)
  • Create, edit, and delete community forums
  • Edit, move, lock, pin, and delete forum topics
  • Moderate the content of community forums (when owner moderation is enabled)
Ideation Blog
  • Change the access level of members
  • Change Ideation Blog settings
  • Contribute, edit, graduate, and delete ideas
  • Specify the number of ideas that can be posted
  • Freeze idea creation
  • Freeze an Ideation Blog
  • Rename libraries
  • Change how members access files and folders
  • Configure the display of folders and files
  • Change default document type for all files uploaded to the library
  • Enable members to change the document type when uploading files
  • Enable draft review and modify related options
  • Empty the library trash
Linked Library
  • Change which Enterprise Content Management (ECM) server and library the Linked Library app is connected to
  • Rename Linked Library apps
  • Configure the display of folders and files
Media Gallery
  • Edit media gallery settings
  • Edit and delete any media gallery files
Related Communities
  • Edit and delete any related communities
Status Updates
  • Determine access level of who can post status updates
  • Create a community wiki
  • Edit or delete the community wiki
  • Add and remove wiki members (by updating the community membership)
  • Change the wiki access level of community members