Customizing your community

Customize your community to distinguish it from other communities. You must be a community owner to customize a community.

There are various ways in which you can customize your community. Possible options include changing the community theme, associating a distinctive graphic with the community, and adding apps that bring extra functions to the community.

Add an image

An eye-catching graphic can be a powerful way to draw attention to your community and attract potential members. The graphic that you add to your community is displayed in the community business card, which reflects the community's identity and interests when displayed outside the Communities app. By associating a meaningful image with your community, you can give the community a branding that is unique to its members. You can add an image when the community is created, or you can add an image by editing the community.

Add enhanced functions

You can customize the functions of your community by adding content that reflects the various aspects of the community and its areas of focus. For example, if project workload is a priority, add the Activities app to create a space where members can work on project documents. If collaboration is an important goal for your community, you might want to add the Wikis app to encourage members to work together on community-related projects.

Apply a new theme

When you create a community, a default theme is automatically applied. You can change the colors and fonts that are used in the community's user interface by selecting a new theme. You can choose from a number of default themes, and your administrator can also make custom themes available. When you apply a different theme to your community, that theme is also applied to any community apps, such as a community blog or wiki, and community forums and activities. Applying a different theme to a community does not affect any associated apps.

To select a new theme for your community, select Community Actions > Edit Community from your community's Overview page. Click Change Community Theme and select a theme from the options that are provided, and then click Save

Change the layout

You can arrange your community's Overview page to prioritize specific functions. For example, if the discussion forum is the most active part of your community, you might want to place it first on the page to give it priority.