Renames the site specified by oldsitename to newsitename


Product Command type
MultiSite multiutil subcommand



[ –cl/an clan-name ] [ –site site-name ] –u/ser username
[ –p/assword ] password oldsitename newsitename


Use this command to rename the site specified by the arguments oldsitename and newsitename. Sites can be renamed even if all the user databases at the site have been removed using the rmreplica command. This command must be run at the working master site. The site name specified by the newsitename argument must not currently be in use as a site name in this clan.

Options and arguments

Specifying the clan and site

Clan: First clan replicated at this site. If there is more than one dbset connection registered on this host, –clan is required.

Site: Current site. If there is more than one site on this host, –site is required.

–cl/an clan-name
Name of the replica’s clan.
–site site-name
Name of the replica’s site.

Specifying a user name and password

You must specify a user name and password.
–u/ser user
Name of a user with Super User privileges.
–p/assword password
Password associated with the specified user.


At the working master site Boston, rename the Vancouver site to Toronto.

multiutil renamesite -clan telecomm -site Boston -user susan  
-password passwd Vancouver Toronto