Returns the last replica in a clan to a nonreplicated state


Product Command type
MultiSite multiutil subcommand



[ –cl/an clan-name ] [ –site site-name ] –fam/ily family-name
–u/ser username [ –p/assword ] password


Use this command to return the last database replica in a clan to a nonreplicated state. After you run the multiutil rmreplica command on each replica in the clan (excluding the replica at the working master site), you must run the multiutil deactivate command to allow continued use of the original replica.

Options and arguments

Specifying the clan, site, and family

Clan: First clan replicated at this site. If there is more than one dbset connection registered on this host, –clan is required.

Site: Current site. If there is more than one site on this host, –site is required.

Family: No default; you must specify a family.

–cl/an clan-name
Name of the replica’s clan.
–site site-name
Name of the replica’s site.
–fam/ily family-name
User database family: Database name given to the user database when it was created.

Schema repository family: The family name is MASTR.

Specifying a user name and password

You must specify a user name and password.
–u/ser user
Name of a user with Super User privileges.
–p/assword password
Password associated with the specified user.