Replica creation, synchronization, and management commands

The commands in this topic create new replicas, change replica characteristics, and synchronize replicas, and display replica-related information.

Table 1. Replica creation, synchronization, and management commands
Command Description
activate Prepares a database set to be replicated
chreplica Changes the properties of a replica
chsetting Changes synchronization management settings
deactivate Returns the last replica in a clan to a nonreplicated state
dumpoplog Displays the contents of a replica’s oplog
idblockinfo Lists information about the ID blocks for a replica family
lspacket Lists one or more packet files created by mkreplica or syncreplica
lsreplica Lists one or more replicas
lssetting Displays information about synchronization management settings
mkreplica Creates a new replica
renamesite Renames a site
rmreplica Removes a replica
scruboplog Deletes oplog entries
syncreplica Synchronizes a replica with one or more replicas in its family