multiutil command use

You can use the multiutil command to perform operations on replicas.

The command has the following features:
  • A set of subcommands that perform product functions, such as replica creation, synchronization, and management, mastership changes of objects, and failure recovery.
  • Some subcommands and command options can be abbreviated, as indicated in the reference pages.
  • You can use multiutil in single-command mode; for example:
    multiutil lspacket 

    You can also use multiutil in interactive mode; for example:

    multiutil> lspacket
    multiutil> quit 
  • Commands and options are case sensitive and must be typed in lowercase.
  • The help command and the -help option display syntax summaries.
    multiutil help chreplica 
    Usage: chreplica [ name] [-site name]
    multiutil chreplica -help 
    Usage: chreplica [ name] [-site name]
  • On Windows™, the man command displays reference pages.