Prepares a database set to be replicated


Product Command type
MultiSite multiutil subcommand



[ –dbset dbset-name ] –u/ser user-name [–p/assword] password
–cl/an clan-name –site site-name –host hostname


The activate command prepares a database set (a schema repository and its user databases) to be replicated. Before you can activate a database set, you must upgrade all user databases in the set to the same version of HCL Compass.

When you activate a database set, you give it a clan name and site name. The logical name of the database set is changed to After you activate a database set, it can be accessed by using additional multiutil commands, and you can use the mkreplica command to replicate one or more user databases in that database set.

Note: You need to activate a database set only once before creating the first replica.


You must have Super User privileges.

Options and arguments

–dbset dbset-name
The name of the database set you want to activate. You can omit this argument if your HCL Compass installation has only one database set. The database set names are listed in the Maintenance Tool in Existing Connections.

Specifying a user name and password

You must specify a user name and password.
–u/ser user
Name of a user with Super User privileges.
–p/assword password
Password associated with the specified user.

Specifying the clan and site

–cl/an clan-name
Name of the replica's clan.
–site site-name
Name of the replica's site.

Specifying the host

–host hostname
Name of the synchronization server, which is the host where the storage and return bays for the replica are located. The HCL Shipping Server must be installed on the synchronization server.


In this example, the lines are broken for readability. You must enter the command on a single physical line.

Activate the default database set. Name the clan telecomm and name the site boston_hub. This site uses minuteman as its synchronization server.

multiutil activate –dbset CLSIC –user susan –p passwd –clan telecomm
–site boston_hub –host minuteman