Installing an HCL product on a local computer

Use these instructions to install your HCL products on additional computers or for users installing on their local computer.

Before you begin

Check user requirements before installing. HCL products require administrator access.


  1. Mount a directory or map a shared drive from the HTTP server onto the local computer.
  2. On the local computer, navigate to the Installation Manager directory located on the shared network drive. The Installation Manager directory contains the extracted installation files.
    Windows™ systems
    Linux or UNIX systems
  3. As administrator, run the silent install command to install the HCL product.
    Windows systems
    installc.exe --launcher.ini silent-install.ini -input response_file_path_and_name
    Note: On Windows, use installc.exe for silent installations, and use install.exe for installations that use the GUI.
    Linux or UNIX systems
    install --launcher.ini silent-install.ini -input response_file_path_and_name