Customizing the store Spring MVC configuration

The standard configuration for theStore server Spring-based model-view-controller (MVC) is deployed to the stores web archive (crs-web.war). Extend or modify this configuration to allow for customizations to function on your storefront.

The Store server is designed only to handle a small subset of site functions. Therefore, the Store server must be configured to pass custom data back and forth between the Store server and the Transaction server where most of customizations are implemented.

Read the topic Spring MVC and store controller customization to understand the implementation of the Spring MVC for the store, and what types of modifications can be made.


  1. Customize or extend your existing Spring MVC configuration within the custom stores web archive.
    These files are located specifically within crs-web.war/WEB-INF/spring/storeDir/. See Adding Store specific controllers and views for a detailed guide.
    • It is a recommended best practice that you modify these files by using the -ext naming convention, and to use store identifiers in the controller and view entries.
    • The Spring entries in controllers.xml and views.xml outside of the individual store folders apply to all stores. If these files are modified directly, then delta configurations are added to the store folders of new stores that are published later. The delta configurations are used because the modified non-ext files are not compatible with the default provided starter store. If you customize your new store to be compatible with your modified global configurations, you can remove these configuration files.
  2. Make the corresponding changes to your REST template. See, Adding or modifying REST templates.
  3. Restart the Store server.