Debugging HCL Commerce Search

You can debug HCL Commerce Search by directly accessing Solr functions by using a web browser, without using HCL Commerce run time or utilities.

Before you begin

Ensure that you complete the following tasks:


  • Querying Solr in a web browser:

    Go to the basic query URL: http://Search_server_host_name:port/solr/core_name/select?q=field_name:search_keyword

    • Search for all documents*:*
    • Search for all documents with a catentry_id of 1000

    For more information, see Querying Data

  • Build the search index with the Data import Handler (DIH) in a web browser. Go to the basic DIH URL: http://host_name:port/solr/core_name/dataimport?command=DIH_options
    • Check DIH status
    • Run DIH (full import)
    • Run DIH (delta import)

    For more information, see Data Import Request Handler.

  • Administer search cores in a web browser:

    Download the Solr Administration Console from Solr Downloads.

    Then, go to the basic core administration URL: http://host_name:port/solr/admin/cores?action=action_option&core=core_name

    • Check search core status
    • Reload search core configuration

    It is recommended that you merge the admin subdirectory in the SOLR.war file that is downloaded from Apache Solr and merge it into the SOLR.war file that is on the HCL Commerce Search server.

    For more information, see Core Admin.

  • Manually control replication by using the Solr replication enable and disable functions from the master server.
    • Disable replication on master for all subordinates
    • Enable replication on master for all subordinates

    For more information, see SolrReplication.

  • You can use Luke to debug the search index, as Luke can open up and inspect each record in the search index. For more information, see Luke - Lucene Index Toolbox.
    Tip: When the search server is restarted, you might encounter an error when you go to the storefront for the first time:
    The store has encountered a problem processing the last request...
    The error is due to the Solr server initial configuration, and can be resolved by reloading the store page in your web browser.