Removing a customer segment attribute from Management Center

If there are certain customer segment attributes that your site does not use or support, you can remove those attributes from the user interface. This way, business users can no longer see the attribute when working with customer segments.

About this task

All of the tabs in the customer segment properties view, such as the Demographics tab and the Address tab, are defined by the following file:
For each tab, this file includes the property group definition for the customer segment attributes that display on the tab. To remove a customer segment attribute, you edit the CustomerSegmentPropertiesView.def file directly, and then either delete or comment out the property group element.

For example, to remove the Age group attribute from the Demographics tab, remove <PropertyGroup baseDefinitionName="mktCurrentAgeProperties"/> from the CustomerSegmentPropertiesView.def file.


  1. Open HCL Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  2. Complete one of the following steps:
    • In the Enterprise Explorer view, expand LOBTools > WebContent > config > commerce > marketing > propertiesViews.
  3. Open the customer segment properties view file in an editor:
    1. Find the PropertyGroup element that represents the customer segment attribute you want to remove.
    2. Comment out or delete the PropertyGroup element. For example, to comment out the Age group attribute so that it no longer displays on the Demographics tab, modify the line as shown in bold in this example:
      <PropertyTabPane name="demoTab" text="${mktMarketingResources.csDemographicsTab}">
            <PropertyGroup collapsable="false" displayGrouping="true" name="demoGroup">
               <PropertyGroup baseDefinitionName="mktGenderProperties"/>
               <!-- <PropertyGroup baseDefinitionName="mktCurrentAgeProperties"/> -->
               <PropertyGroup baseDefinitionName="mktAgeGroupProperties"/>
               <PropertyGroup baseDefinitionName="mktIncomeGroupProperties"/>
               <PropertyGroup baseDefinitionName="mktMaritalStatusProperties"/>
               <PropertyGroup baseDefinitionName="mktChildrenProperties"/>
               <PropertyGroup baseDefinitionName="mktHouseholdProperties"/>
    3. Save and close the file.