Adding a new customer segment attribute to Management Center

You can add new customer segment attributes to the customer segment properties view in the Management Center Marketing tool. This gives business users more options for creating customer segments to use as targets for marketing activities and promotions.

About this task

When a business user wants to create a customer segment, he or she selects the attributes from the customer segment properties view in the Marketing tool. For example, a business user can create a customer segment comprising female customers using the Gender attribute on the Demographics tab. The procedures in this section cover how to add a new attribute to the properties view.


Your site might have a customer loyalty program that allows customers to accumulate loyalty points. Business users might want to be able to advertise to customers based on the number of loyalty points they have. To do so, business users must be able to create a customer segment that targets customers who have a certain number of loyalty points. For this purpose, you could add a customer segment attribute to the Miscellaneous tab of the customer segment properties view that looks like this: