Deprecated featureHCL Commerce Enterprise

Enabling RFQ notification messaging

RFQ notification messages are used to notify customers of key events that take place during RFQ negotiations.


  1. Open the Administration Console and select Site on the Administration Console Site/Store Selection page.
  2. Click Configuration > Message Types. The Change Message Transport Assignment is displayed if you are changing an existing message type. If you are creating a new message type the New Message Transport Assignment is displayed.
  3. Configure the RFQSubmitMessage, RFQCloseMessage and RFQCompleteMessage message types. Each message type must be configured separately.
    1. Select the check box for the message type you want to work on and click Change.
    2. The Message Type form displays. Click Next.
    3. The Parameters form displays. Type in values for the following fields:
      Note: These values are only examples and should be modified to reflect your specific requirements.
  4. Click Finish or Cancel to return to the Message Type Configuration page.
  5. You can also change the parameter values by using the Scheduler:
    1. Locate the command on the Scheduler Status Display page and select it.
    2. Click Change.
    3. Make the necessary changes in the Job parameters field.