Adding custom index fields in REST responses

You can add custom index fields to be returned in REST responses by updating the wc-component.xml file.

Before you begin

SolrRESTSearchCatalogEntryViewUserDataQueryPostprocessor must be added to the end of the query section of the search profile to activate this configuration.

In addition, ensure that the custom index field is also defined in the result section of the search profile so that the custom index field can be returned from Solr.


  1. In the wc-component.xml file, add to the CatalogEntryUserDataFieldNameMapping section to map a custom index column from the CatalogEntry index to the ProductView REST service response.
    For example, to return a custom CatalogEntry index column, indexField1, register the following entry in the wc-component.xml file under the CatalogEntryUserDataFieldNameMapping section:
    <_config:valuemapping externalName="CatalogEntryUserDataFieldNameMapping" internalName="CatalogEntryUserDataFieldNameMapping">
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="responseField1" internalValue="indexField1" />
  2. The data from this indexField1 is then returned under the UserData section with the given name, responseField1, for each CatalogEntry in ProductView REST service response.