Customizing the Search runtime

The search runtime, REST services, and search components are all customizable.

The following table lists supported runtime customizations.

* HCL provides three levels of support.
  • Supported: The customization process is supported. For more information, see Contacting HCL Customer Support.
  • Future support: HCL intends to support the customization feature in a future release. If you have a related customization need, you can contact the HCL support team for more information.
  • Not supported: HCL is not planning to support such a customization feature in the future. You should avoid customizing the related area or look for alternatives in your implementation.
Runtime feature Customization point Level of support
Create or customize a REST service REST
Customize the Search runtime Create or customize the Search profile Supported. See Customizing search profiles.
Customize an expression provider Supported. See Creating a custom expression provider.
Customize the preprocessor Supported. See Creating a custom query preprocessor.
Customize postprocessor Supported. Creating a custom query postprocessor
Customization by search component Customize a search rule Not supported
Customize merchandising association Not supported
Customize sequencing Supported. See Sorting products using deep search sequencing.
Customize a result group Supported. See HCL Commerce Search configuration file (wc-search.xml).
Customize price (index offer price, index contract price) Supported. See Displaying price ranges in the storefront.
Customize inventory (return inventory, filter by inventory, boost inventory) Supported. See Search relevancy and merchandising
Customize how the CrumbTrail is displayed Supported.
Customize how attachments are displayed Supported. See Managing attachments
Customize search capability
  • Facet
  • Sort
  • Highlight
  • Pagination
  • Spell checking
  • Suggestion (keyword, product, category)
  • Search Term Association
  • Search statistics
  • Landing page
  • Crawler
Supported. See Search relevancy and merchandising.
Customization for B2B entitlement Supported. See Using catalog filters.
Customize facets (including price, brand and attribute facet) Supported. See Enabling custom facet value sequencing.
Customize search type Supported. See Changing the default search type
Customize web content Supported
Customize preview Supported. See Search properties in the component configuration file (wc-component.xml).
Customize expansion or relevancy Supported. Combining minimum match and search term associations
Customization on spell checking Supported. See Managing spell correction
Read additional customized field from default index or customized index Supported. See Extending the schema.xml file using the x-schema.xml file
Miscellaneous Add support for RunAsUser
HCL Commerce Version or laterCreate or build a new core or subcore Create a customer master or extension core Supported
Build a custom index or delta
  • Preprocess or build an index for a customized core using IndexingService
  • Delta build on customized core using indexingService
  • Preview trigger buildindex
  • Scheduler buildindex on customized core
  • Preview on approved customized index
  • Preview on un-approved customized index
  • Dataload trigger buildindex for customized index
Future support