Displaying price ranges in the storefront

Prices are displayed in the Aurora storefront by using several approaches with HCL Commerce search.

For example, depending on your configuration, price ranges are not displayed in the storefront when the price mode is set to indexed (1) in HCL Commerce Search.

To index and display price ranges in the storefront for mixed mode:
  1. Set the Search profiles global defaults property for SearchProfilesPrice to mixed mode (2) in the extended wc-component.xml file. For more information, see Search properties in the component configuration file (wc-component.xml).
  2. Set the wc.search.priceMode property to mixed mode (2) in the STORECONF table. For more information, see Search configuration properties in the STORECONF table.
    Then, if you are changing the price mode to 0 or 2:
    1. Locate the extended wc-search.xml file.
    2. To enable the calculated price features, update the extended wc-search.xml file to include the following changes.
      <_config:profile name="IBM_findProductsByCategory" indexName="CatalogEntry">
      <_config:query inherits="true">
      <_config:result inherits="true">
      <_config:field name="components"/>

      These postprocessors are disabled by default for performance considerations. The following sections describe why they are needed for calculated price modes:

      The SolrRESTSearchCatalogEntryViewSKUQueryPostprocessor is required so that SKUs are retrieved from Solr in the same request as products in search results.

      For example, when you view search results in grid mode, it enables price ranges to be displayed for all SKUs and contracts. When you view search results in list mode, it enables products with a single SKU the ability to be added to the shopping cart.

Note: Product price is available real time data when the price mode is set to mixed(2) in HCL Commerce Search. This mode can affect performance. If you encounter performance issues, use index mode(1) instead.