HCL Commerce Enterprise

Marketing activity template picker

The marketing activity template picker is the window that is labeled New Activity From Template that displays when a business user begins creating a new Web or Dialog activity. This window presents the available standard and custom templates for either Web or Dialog activities so that the business user can choose the appropriate template. You can customize what business users see in this window.

Options for customizing the marketing activity template picker contents

The following screen capture shows the marketing activity template picker and includes areas that you might want to customize:

Marketing activity template picker customization
  • Folder customization: In the left pane, you can add and remove folders, or change the names of folders.
  • Template list customization: In the right pane, you can add or remove templates from folders, or move templates to different folders.

Sample XML definition

The marketing activity template picker properties views are contained in XML files.

The marketing activity template picker properties views are contained in the following files:
  • For Web activities: WebActivityTemplatePickerWizard.xml
  • HCL Commerce EnterpriseFor Dialog activities: DialogActivityTemplatePickerWizard.xml

The following snippet is the class definition in the WebActivityTemplatePickerWizard.xml file; an explanation follows the snippet:

	<TemplatePickerWizard baseDefinition="cmc/marketing/BaseWebActivityTemplatePickerWizard" definitionName="cmc/marketing/WebActivityTemplatePickerWizard">
		<dependency localName="marketingResources" moduleName="cmc/marketing/MarketingResources"/>
		<PropertyValuesFilter displayName="${marketingResources.standardTemplateFolder}" propertyName="activityId" values="10,20,30,40,50,70,80,85,90,95,100,113"/>
		<PropertyValuesFilter displayName="${marketingResources.customTemplateFolder}" negate="true" propertyName="activityId" values="10,20,30,40,50,70,80,85,90,95,100,113"/>
		<PropertyValuesFilter displayName="${marketingResources.allTemplateFolder}" propertyName="activityId" values=""/>

Each PropertyValuesFilter entry defines a folder in the marketing activity template picker. By default, there is a Standard Templates folder, a Custom Templates folder, and an All Templates folder. Notable parameters are:

Specifies which templates to display in the folder. The identifiers (for example, 10,20,30,40,50,70,80,85,90,95,100,113) are the DMACTIVITY_ID of the template from the DMACTIVITY table. For the default folder labeled All Templates (shown in the fourth line of the previous example), the values parameter is left blank.
Include the negate=true parameter if you want the folder to contain templates that do not match the templates that are listed in the values parameter. The default folder labeled Custom Templates (shown in the third line of the previous example) contains the negate=true parameter so that the folder contains all custom templates that business users create, but none of the standard templates.