HCL Commerce Enterprise

Creating a simple price rule

You can create a price rule that contains one or more instructions to set pricing for catalog entries on the storefront. Each instruction is represented as an action in the price rule flow.

Before you begin

To understand the available actions you can use in your price rule, read Actions in price rules.


  1. Open Management Center Tools and from Hamburger menu, click Manage Accounts > Catalog Filter and Pricing .
  2. From the toolbar, click the arrow on the right side of Add newArrow Create New; then select Price Rule.
  3. Set the price rule properties:
    Name Type a name for this price rule. This name displays beneath the price rule in the Price Rules - List page.
    Description Enter text that explains what the price rule is intended to do.
    Tip: To edit the name and description for a price rule, click the green circle at the start of the price rule.
  4. Set up the actions to generate prices in the price rule:
    1. From the Actions section in the palette, drag an action icon into the price rule flow.
    2. Click the action icon.
    3. Complete the properties for the action.
    4. If your price rule requires more actions, repeat steps 4.a through 4.c.
      Example: A completed simple price rule with three actions might look like this image:
      Simple price rule example
  5. Save and close the price rule.