HCL Commerce Developer

Uninstalling HCL Commerce Developer silently

To uninstall HCL Commerce Developer remotely on many clients, use the silent uninstallation method. To use this method you simulate a HCL Commerce Developer uninstallation and record the uninstallation options in a response file. Then, you can use the response file to uninstall the HCL Commerce Developer silently.


  1. Stop the HCL Commerce test server and close HCL Commerce Developer.
  2. Create an uninstallation response file:
    1. On a command line, navigate to the eclipse subdirectory in the directory where you installed Installation Manager.
    2. Run the IBM Installation Manager in recording mode
      IBMIM –record response_file_path -skipInstall agent_data_location 
      An existing file path. Do not use the same file name as the response_file_path name you recorded for the installation.
      The same location as the agent_data_location that you used for simulating the installation.
      Installation Manager does not create directories for the response file and the log file.
    3. Record the uninstallation values of the product by using the Installation Manager interface that opens.
      Tip: Uninstalling the HCL Commerce toolkit by using IBM Installation Manager provides detailed step-by-step instructions.
  3. On a command line, run the following command to uninstall the toolkit silently:
    IMCL.exe -input response_file_path -log log_file_path -acceptLicense
    Note: Add the -sP parameter to obtain more progress information.
    • response_file_path is the full path of the response file
    • log_file_path is the full path of log file, for example c:\logs\fep_install.log. The full path must exist.