HCL Commerce Developer

Setting up an HCL Commerce development environment

This section describes how to set up an HCL Commerce development environment. The HCL Commerce development environment is a flexible collection of software, collectively known as HCL Commerce Developer, for developers or system administrators to develop and test stores and HCL Commerce application code.

To obtain the software for an HCL Commerce development environment, see Obtaining HCL Commerce Developer software.

HCL Commerce Developer is the combination of Rational Application Developer and the HCL Commerce toolkit. The HCL Commerce toolkit provides a test environment and a workspace that are customized for HCL Commerce development.

If you are developing assets for more than one target application, you might need to configure multiple HCL Commerce Developer workspaces. To obtain multiple HCL Commerce Developer workspaces, install HCL Commerce Developer multiple times.

Depending on the size of your organization, there are many ways to leverage HCL Commerce Developer software. In a large development organization, you can create a common central repository and testing environment so that you can set up and manage multiple identical or differing sets of development environments. If this option is not appropriate for your organization, you can instead install a wider breadth of HCL Commerce Developer software on an individual workstation or set of workstations.

Before installing HCL Commerce Developer software, ensure that your HCL Commerce development environment meets the hardware and software requirements.

HCL Commerce Developer environment

The HCL Commerce Developer configuration includes Rational Application Developer and the required plug-ins for Transaction server customization, and legacy development of HCL Commerce search and storefront solutions.

Note: Coexistence with other versions of HCL Commerce Developer is not supported. If you are migrating, install HCL Commerce Developer 9.0 on a separate machine from any prior versions of WebSphere Commerce Developer.

This software configuration includes:

  • Rational Application Developer
  • A development database

For more information on setting up HCL Commerce Developer, see HCL Commerce Developer.