HCL Commerce Developer

Uninstalling the HCL Commerce toolkit by using IBM Installation Manager

You can uninstall HCL Commerce Developer by using IBM Installation Manager.


  1. Stop all servers in HCL Commerce Developer (test, store, search, customization) and then close HCL Commerce Developer.
  2. Open the IBM Installation Manager.
  3. From the start page, select Uninstall.
  4. Select the HCL Commerce Developer package and click Next.
  5. A confirmation page is displayed. Click Uninstall.
    After the uninstallation completes, a summary page is displayed. In the success message, a link to the Installation Manager log file is provided.
  6. Optional: In the Installation log, you might notice that the uninstallation process failed to delete some folders. If you plan to reinstall HCL Commerce Developer later, you need to manually delete the following folders.
    If the folders contain customized code, you might want to back up the customizations before you delete. Otherwise, you can safely ignore the messages.
    • WCDE_installdir, which includes the following subfolders:
      • WCDE_installdir\bin
      • WCDE_installdir\db
      • WCDE_installdir\install
      • WCDE_installdir\logs
      • WCDE_installdir\wasprofile
      • WCDE_installdir\workspace
    • Liberty_installdir/usr/servers.