Getting started for developers

Read this section first to get started with HCL Commerce as a developer.

The following content and linked topics describe the skills, knowledge, and resources that you need to extend and customize HCL Commerce.

After you setup your development environment with a custom store, you can begin customizing and configuring HCL Commerce.

Before you begin

  • Learn about the main features in HCL Commerce. For more information, see HCL Commerce product overview.
  • Learn about the main features and contents in the HCL Commerce development environment. For more information, see HCL Commerce development environment.
  • Set up your development environment. For more information, see Setting up HCL Commerce environments.
  • Learn about the features and functions that are available within the provided Aurora starter store. For more information, see Aurora starter store

    The sample store provides a full set of features and functions to help you understand the features and capabilities that are included with HCL Commerce. This sample store is provided only as a reference to help design and build your organization's custom store. You cannot customize this default sample store in any environment, including your own development environment. Instead, you must publish a custom store that is based on the provided sample store. You can then customize, test, and use this new store. As part of completing the setup of your development environment, publish your custom store.