What's new for integrators

Learn about the new features and functions HCL Commerce offers integrators that responsible for integrating HCL Commerce with other HCL and third-party solutions.

This section describes the new additions and changes within only the initial HCL Commerce Version release. For more information about new additions and changes for HCL Commerce Version 9 that are available through update packages, see: For more information about update packages, including how HCL Commerce releases update packages, see Maintenance.

Generic External Order system integration

Integrate a distributed order management (DOM) system with your store to provide comprehensive coverage of the order lifecycle across channels, from capture to fulfillment.

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Externalized Customization (xC)

Externalized customization is a new programming pattern that introduces a separation between the core application components and your customizations. By using this new pattern HCL Commerce can deliver innovation more quickly. More importantly, the new programming pattern allows you to deploy innovation more quickly. Developers create customization code external to HCL Commerce. When the business logic is called that you customized, there is a reference to fetch the customized instruction instead of running the HCL provided code. This isolation of customization also improves security, and the stability of your application, the e-commerce store.

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Payment integration

You can integrate HCL Commerce with a payment service provider through payment tokenization. With payment tokenization, the shopper enters payment information through HCL Commerce, and HCL Commerce calls the payment service provider to replace sensitive payment information such as credit card number with a surrogate value (token). In this model, HCL Commerce only saves the token for payment processing, and non-sensitive data such as masked credit card number for display purposes.

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Taxation integration

You can integrate HCL Commerce with a third-party tax calculation system to provide tax calculations for your store. Integrating with a third-party tax service provider can help you to build and maintain a highly secure e-commerce site with a worldwide tax calculation process. Use the available HCL Commerce tax integration extension points to create any extensions that you need for integrating with your third-party tax calculation system. The tax integration xC extensions are a set of task commands that are called by the order component to communicate with the third-party tax calculation system when the tax integration feature is enabled.

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Generic External Inventory system integration

Integrate an inventory management system with your store to ensure that inventory availability is constantly updated to reflect your store's current inventory levels. Inventory includes anything that can be physically accounted for in a fulfillment center such as items, products, SKUs, bundles, and prebuilt kits.

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Apple Pay on the Web integration

Originally introduced in IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 8, Apple Pay on the Web integration with HCL Commerce provides you with an easy and secure way to accept and process payments. Apple Pay on the Web enables customers to purchase products in the Aurora starter store with a single touch in Safari on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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Dynamic Pricing integration

This integration was originally introduced in IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 8. You can integrate Dynamic Pricing, a cloud-based pricing system, with HCL Commerce, so merchandisers can quickly analyze and react to pricing changes in the market. Pricing data can be automatically exported from HCL Commerce to Dynamic Pricing, where the data then is analyzed in relation to business strategies and other sources of market data. Updated prices can be approved and automatically imported to HCL Commerce, so the adjusted prices can appear on the live storefront.

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