What's new for business users in HCL Commerce Version

Learn about the new features and functionality HCL Commerce offers business users.

This section describes the new additions and changes within only the initial HCL Commerce Version release. For more information about new additions and changes for HCL Commerce Version 9 that are available through update packages, see: For more information about update packages, including how HCL Commerce releases update packages, see Maintenance.

Assets tool renamed Attachments tool

In Version 9, business users can use Watson Content Hub or a third-party file server to manage file assets. For compatibility with previous releases, a store can also serve static assets from Store server, or Transaction server. For stores created in Version 9, business users can refer to static assets on the Store server by using a relative or full URL. For stores migrated to Version 9 from a previous release, business users can refer to static assets on the Transaction server by using a relative or full URL.

Business users cannot add managed files, therefore the use of managed files using the Assets tool has been removed.

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Management Center for HCL Commerce

In Version 8.0, the Management Center was updated to use Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and the open source Spring Framework. This update makes it easier for developers to customize and embed custom tools in the Management Center. With DHTML, Management Center is no longer dependent on Adobe Flash technology, and developers who customize the Management Center can now view their changes without first compiling their code. Additionally, the Management Center user interface now has a new look.

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HCL Customer Service for HCL Commerce

HCL Commerce provides customer service enhancements with Customer Service for HCL Commerce that enable a customer service representative (CSR) to resolve common issues and capture orders. These new capabilities are built into the HCL Commerce storefront and enable a CSR to perform key tasks on behalf of a guest, registered customers, and for both B2B and B2C business models. Customer Service for HCL Commerce is offered for both Professional and Enterprise editions.

Because the customer service enhancements are built into the storefront, site owners benefit from:

  • A cost effective solution that uses a single and centrally maintained web application that delivers a common user interface for both customers and CSRs.
  • An intuitive customer service interface for the storefront that CSRs can quickly use with little training.
  • A common experience for customers and CSRs that helps CSRs solve customer issues faster.
  • Personalized content and promotions that are presented to CSRs to help drive increased sales.
  • Powerful HCL Commerce site search to quickly find the right products for customers.

With the new customer service enhancements, CSRs can:

  • Work with customer accounts for both B2B and B2C business models.
  • Find products through catalog navigation or through powerful faceted search that provides detailed product information.
  • Work with customer orders so they can create new orders, view order history, and cancel orders.

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Promotions enhancements

The Maximum redemptions on a single order redemption limit can be applied to the Percentage off an order and Amount off an order order level promotions, and all catalog entry level promotions.

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Easily manage "Searchable in Storefront" attributes

The Attribute Dictionary contains values such as size, length, or color that can be reused by multiple products consistently. You can use predefined values, or set them individually by product, and you can make attributes searchable within the storefront. You can switch this attribute on or off using a check box in the Management Center.