HCL Commerce Enterprise

ContractExport utility XML file encoding

XML files generated by the ContractExport utility can be encoded in several ways.

Code Description
UTF-8 Eight-bit Unicode Transfer Format
ISO-8859-1 ISO Latin-1
ISO-8859-2 ISO Latin-2
ISO-8859-3 ISO Latin-3
ISO-8859-4 ISO Latin-4
ISO-8859-5 ISO Latin/Cyrillic
ISO-8859-6 ISO Latin/Arabic
ISO-8859-7 ISO Latin/Greek
ISO-8859-8 ISO Latin/Hebrew
ISO-8859-9 ISO Latin-5
EUC-JP Extended UNIX code, packed for Japanese
EUCJIS Extended UNIX code, packed for Japanese
Shift_JIS Japanese Shift JIS
BIG5 Big 5, Traditional Chinese
GB2312 Simplified Chinese
ISO-2022-JP Japanese ISO
KOI8-R Cyrillic
EUC-KR Extended UNIX Code, packed for Korean
CP874 Windows Thai