HCL Commerce Enterprise

Product sets in contracts

In HCL Commerce there are two different types of product sets: Product set business policies and Customized product sets.

Product set business policies
A product set business policy is created from categories in a store's master catalog. If the product set business policy is created using the Product Management tools in the HCL Commerce Accelerator, the product set will be automatically maintained when products are added or removed from a master catalog category that is part of a product set business policy. That is, any products added or removed from the master catalog category will automatically added or removed from any product set business policy using that master catalog category.

Top-level catalog groups, also referred to as browsable product sets, can be browsed, but are not published. A browsable product set is indicated by a PRODUCTSET.PUBLISHTIME value of ZERO_VALUE. To improve performance, you can mark top-level category groups as browsable only. This improves the performance of contract import and contract deploy commands.

Customized product sets
A customized product set is created from categories and SKUs from the store's master catalog. Customized product sets cannot be shared between contracts nor can they be shared between terms in a contract. For example, a customized price list term and a customized product set exclusion term cannot share a customized product set; a customized product set must be created for each term.