Globalization in the messaging system

The HCL Commerce messaging system gives HCL Commerce the ability to communicate with its external environment (back-end and external systems), as well as send notification to customers and administrators that events have occurred within HCL Commerce. This is accomplished through two subsystems: an inbound system that manages inbound messages coming from back-end and external systems, and an outbound messaging system that allows you to send notification to users (such as sending e-mail messages notifying a customer about a password reset).

The character encoding used for MIME messaging is usually different from that used by browsers. For example, the de-facto character encoding for MIME messaging in Japan is iso-2022-jp, while the most commonly used character encoding in all other applications is Shift_JIS. As a result, a unique field is added to the HCL Commerce schema to enable the messaging system for multilingual support. This field is the MIMECHARSET column in the LANGUAGE table.