B2B business model

B2B supports commerce transactions that involve products, services, or information between two businesses or parties. Typical B2B transactions occur between buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, resellers, distributors, and trading partners.

The following diagram demonstrates a typical B2B business.

Diagram showing two businesses with an arrow between them that reads Buyers from one business purchase goods or services from another.

In a typical B2B business, businesses purchase goods or services directly from another business. The selling business can be a wholesaler, a distributor, a manufacturer, or a retailer who sells to buyers from other businesses.

Organizations that are not traditionally considered businesses, such as governments, can sometimes implement sites that are based on the B2B business model. This occurs in such cases where governments provide goods and services directly to businesses.

A value of B2B in the STORE table STORETYPE column indicates a B2B store, and a value of BBB indicates a basic B2B store.