Defining sales tax codes

A sales tax is applied to the total cost of your order. A sales tax code is a name for a grouping of sales taxes that is applied to the same products. For example, all sales taxes applicable to groceries could be grouped under a single tax code called groceries. Then, you could assign the groceries tax code to each grocery product.


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Accelerator
  2. From the Store, select Change tax. The Tax notebook opens.
  3. From the left navigation frame, click Sales Tax.
  4. To add a code:
    1. In the New sales tax code field, type the name of the sales tax code. Be careful when choosing the name of your tax code. You can remove the code, but you cannot change the name of the tax code.
    2. Click Add. The tax category is displayed in the Defined sales tax codes list.
  5. To set the default tax code, from the Define sales tax codes list, select the code, then click Set as Default. The default sales tax code is applied to all products that are not currently assigned to a sales tax code.
  6. To delete a code, in the Defined sales tax codes list, select the code, then click Remove.
  7. Click OK to save your settings and exit.

What to do next

If you did not choose Set as Default when you added a sales tax code, you will need to attach the new tax code to a catalog entry or category. You can also assign a tax code to products (catalog entry) or categories (catalog group) by inserting entries in CATENCALCD and CATGPCALCD table manually, so that the taxes can be applied to the specific products or all the products in the specific categories.