WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Resending order notifications

After a customer places an order, an order notification can be automatically e-mailed to the customer or an administrator.


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Accelerator
  2. Click Operations > Find Orders. The Find Orders page is displayed.
  3. Locate the customer's order by typing the order number and customer logon ID, or click Advanced search for a more detailed search. Click Find.
    The Orders page is displayed.
  4. In the Order number column, click the order number. The Order Summary page displays with the information for that customer order. You can also check the check box that corresponds to the order number, and click Summary to open the Order Summary page.
  5. Click E-mail order. The email Order page is displayed.
    The maximum field length for the parameter values on the email Order page is 254 characters.
  6. Select to send the order notification to the customer or to the administrator. If you select customer (default), the recipient field already contains the customer's email address, if there is one in the customer's registration profile. If you select administrator, the field contains the parameters that are entered in the Message type configuration page for the "message for notifying merchant of an order".
  7. Provide information for the remaining fields. Click OK to send the email order notification. Click Cancel to cancel the process.