You can add various shipping charges to your orders. For example, you can create shipping charges based on the weight of the order or the number of items in the order and charges independent of weight or quantity (fixed-rate charges). You can apply any combination of the three types of charges to an order.

Shipping charges are based on the following factors:

  • The jurisdiction to which you are shipping the order. Jurisdictions are geographical regions or zones that represent a country or region, province or territory, or postal code range, to which you sell.
  • The shipping mode that you are using to ship the order. A shipping mode is the combination of the shipping carrier (the company that provides shipping services from a fulfillment center to a customer) and the shipping service that is offered by that carrier. For example, XYZ Courier, Overnight service is a shipping mode.
  • The shipping code that is used to calculate the shipping charge. A shipping code indicates which shipping charges are applied to which products in the order. Shipping codes are assigned to products or categories. When a customer purchases a product, the codes that are assigned to it determine the shipping charges.
  • The type of shipping charge. Shipping charges can be applied based on the weight of the order, the number of items in the order, or on a fixed rate for the order. You can apply more than one shipping charge to a product or order. For B2B orders, you can also adjust the shipping charge for any order, based on the contract, by a percentage (such as 10% off the original shipping charge) or by a specified fixed amount (such as charging $10 for shipping).
  • The fulfillment options that handle the order. Fulfillment options are a combination of the fulfillment center that fills the order, the jurisdiction that the fulfillment option serves, the shipping mode that ships the order, and the precedence that the fulfillment option takes.

Create your shipping charges, and all of the associated information, by using the Shipping notebook.