WebSphere Commerce Developer

WebSphere Commerce Search server: Embedded configuration

The WebSphere Commerce Search server is deployed in the embedded configuration in WebSphere Commerce Developer by default.
The following diagram illustrates deploying WebSphere Commerce Search in the embedded configuration, where the WebSphere Commerce Server and WebSphere Commerce Search are running in a Java virtual machine (JVM):
Embedded configuration deployment diagram
Important: It is recommended that you include only one language when you create the search index in the embedded configuration. That is, heap memory issues can occur due to the large number of search cores that are created in the development environmentwhen all supported languages are built in an embedded configuration.
The following list summarizes the WebSphere Commerce Search deployment in the embedded configuration:
  • It contains a single WebSphere Application Server profile, with the following applications:
    • WC
    • Search
  • It uses a common JDBC data source and JVM heap space.
  • It uses a common database. Derby, DB2, or Oracle.
  • WebSphere Application Server security is disabled.
  • No SSL certificate is required.