WebSphere Commerce Resource Value Unit (RVU) Order Line Metrics

A Resource Value Unit (RVU) is a proof of entitlement based on the number of units of a specific resource that is used or managed. WebSphere Commerce RVU Order Line Metrics, is an order line resource, where you are able to produce a report of the count of any completed order lines for auditing purposes. For your specific RVU entitlement, refer to your license.

A completed order line is a line in an order that is created at the completion of the check out of a shopping cart that a customer expects to fulfill. For each order that is submitted when WebSphere Commerce RVU Order Line Metrics is enabled, WebSphere Commerce creates an ORDAUDIT record in the database.

WebSphere Commerce RVU Order Line Metrics keeps all records in the ORAUDIT table. If a customer cancels an order, or returns part of an order, the data is not affected. The information kept in the records:
  • ORDERS_ID The identification number of the order.
  • STOREENT_ID The identification of the store where the order is placed from.
  • LINECOUNT The number of order lines in an order.
  • TIMEPLACED The time when the order was submitted.
  • OPTCOUNTER An optimistic predicate column. Every time there is a change to the database, the OPTCOUNTER column is updated.

All data that is collected with WebSphere Commerce RVU Order Line Metrics must be retained for at least two years. Do not delete any records from the ORDAUDIT table until they expire. Retaining the data gives you the ability to access the data when an audit is being performed. For the expiration policy, refer to your WebSphere Commerce RVU Order Line Metrics license.