Uninstalling a payment plug-in

To remove a payment plug-in from use, you can either remove references to the plug-in, or remove the payment plug-in directory from the plugins directory.


  1. Stop WebSphere Commerce
  2. Disable the payment plug-in:
    1. Remove the plug-in name from the PaymentSystemPluginMapping XML file.
    2. Remove the payment system name from the PaymentMethodConfigurations XML file and RefundMethodConfigurations XML file.
  3. Remove the plug-in JAR file from WebSphere Commerce instance.ear directory:
    • WC_eardir/plugin_name.jar
  4. Remove the plug-in_name directory and deployment descriptor file from the following location.
  5. Restart WebSphere Commerce
  6. Package your assets as a partial application.
  7. Deploy the changed assets.