Enabling transports

Not all transports are enabled by default. If you need a transport that is not enabled by default, you can enable the transport by updating the WebSphere Commerce configuration file or by using the Configuration Manager.


  • WebSphere Commerce Developer For WebSphere Commerce Developer:
    1. Open the Updating the WebSphere Commerce configuration file.
    2. Search for the appropriate transport name.
    3. For that transport, set the enable attribute to true and save the file.
    4. Restart the WebSphere Commerce Test Server.
  • LinuxAIXWindows For the WebSphere Commerce Server:
    1. Open the Configuration Manager.
    2. Expand the Host name > Commerce > Instance List > instance_name > Transports > Outbound folder.
    3. Select the appropriate transport.
    4. Ensure that the check box next to Enable Component is activated; then, click Apply.
    5. Exit Configuration Manager.
    6. Restart the WebSphere Commerce Server.