Verifying your installation with the WebSphere Commerce tools

You can use the WebSphere Commerce tools to quickly verify that the installation was successful.

Before you begin

Complete the steps in Verifying your installation.


  1. Check the status of the WebSphere Commerce server with the following command:
    • LinuxAIXAs the WebSphere Commerce non-root user, run
      WC_profiledir/bin/ server1
    • For IBM i OS operating systemWC_profiledir/bin/serverStatus server1
    • WindowsWC_profiledir\bin\serverStatus.bat server1
  2. Ensure that you can access the following websites:
    • http://host_name
    • https://host_name
  3. Access the following WebSphere Commerce tool pages:
    • https://host_name:8000/accelerator
    • https://host_name:8002/adminconsole
    • https://host_name:8004/orgadminconsole
    For each of these websites:
    1. Ensure that the login page is displayed.
    2. For each website, log in by using the Site Administrator ID and password that you entered when you completed an installation. See Installation worksheet.
    3. A warning, indicating that no stores are defined, might display when you sign in to WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. This warning is an indication of a successful login attempt.