WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Viewing shared non-ATP inventory from an extended site store in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

If your extended site store meets the following prerequisites, you can view the shared non-ATP inventories which are configured in your asset store from your extended site store.

About this task

  • 1. You have used the non-ATP inventory model, and the non-ATP inventory sharing inventory sharing relationship has been enabled between the extended site store and the asset store
  • 2. When you log on accelerator for the asset store, you choose the same fulfillment center which is used by the asset store for non-ATP inventory sharing


  1. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.
  2. Choose your extended site store and select the fulfillment center which used by the asset store.
  3. Click the Find Inventory menu item. For more information on the Find Inventory menu item, see Managing inventory for an asset store: Enabling Fulfillment Centers and Find Inventory menus.
  4. In the Find Inventory dialog box enter the search criteria for the name or SKU.
  5. After the catalog entry has been found, the shared non-ATP inventory from the asset store is Inventory-Search Results dialog box. See below.

    When non-ATP inventory sharing has been enabled, you cannot adjust the inventory in the extended site store for the fulfillment center which is used by either the extended site store or the asset store. If you try to do so, an error message will be displayed.