Sample: Loading address books

This sample shows you how to load user addresses into the database.

About this sample

This sample loads addresses for the following users:
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Olivia Lee

If you prefer to work with data in XML format instead of in CSV format, you can configure the utility to use XML formatted files. Edit the wc-dataload.xml file and change the location elements to reference the xml files provided.


  1. Open the command-line interface and go to the following directory:
    • WC_installdir/bin
    • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir\bin
  2. Enter the following command:
    • AIXLinux./ ../samples/DataLoad/Member/Person/wc-dataload.xml –DLoadOrder=PersonAddressBook
    • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWindowsdataload ..\samples\DataLoad\Member\Person\wc-dataload.xml –DLoadOrder=PersonAddressBook

Verifying results

To verify that the address information for the users was loaded into the database, run the following SQL command:
select nickname,address1,city,state from address
where nickname in('ryanjohnson2','olivialee','sophiawilliams') and selfaddress=0

Cleaning up the data

To remove the data that is loaded in this sample from the database, run the CleanUp.sql file in the /samples/DataLoad/Member/Person directory.