Work with the Facebook integration: Connect to Facebook button

The Connect to Facebook button connects a shopper's Facebook account to your store.

Screen capture of the Connect to Facebook button
  • Connecting to Facebook uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization.
  • The first time a shopper connects they are requested to authorize your store Facebook application. This action triggers the storefront to start capturing the shopper's 'Likes'. These events are communicated to the marketing engine, which can customize the user experience based on any active marketing rules.
  • To de-authorize the application, a shopper must remove the application from the Apps, Games, and Websites section of their privacy settings on Facebook.
  • A shopper can log in to Facebook by using the Login button and use the Like and Send buttons. The events are communicated to the marketing engine only after the user authorizes the Application via the Connect to Facebook button. On subsequent visits, it is not necessary to log in via the Connect to Facebook button for these events to be recorded as long as the shopper does not change Application authorization permission.
For more information, see Facebook Login