Exporting subsets of promotion codes

You can configure the exporting unique promotion codes functionality of Management Center to export subsets of unused promotion codes.

About this task

By default, when you use the Management Center Promotions tool to export promotion codes, all of the promotion codes for a promotion are exported. You can configure a store to limit the maximum number of unused promotion codes to export. To configure this limit, you must insert a record in the STORECONF table for your store. This record sets the maximum number of codes to include in a promotion code export for your store. This subset size is associated with a single store and only exports promotion codes that are not already used for the promotion.

When you specify a subset for a store, all subsequent promotion code exports use that subset to determine the number of unused codes to export. To export all promotion codes after you configure a subset, you must delete the subset configuration from your database, or change the subset value to -1. To change the number of promotion codes included in your subset, you must run a SQL update statement that changes the value field of your subset.


  1. Open a connection to your database to run SQL statements into the database.
  2. Run the following SQL query:
    INSERT INTO STORECONF (STOREENT_ID, NAME, VALUE) values (StoreId, 'wc.promotion.NumberOfUnusedPromotionCodesToExport', 'NumberOfCodes');
    Where NumberOfCodes is the number of promotion codes to include in the subset of promotion codes.


A subset configuration of promotion codes to export is created. When you select to export promotion codes with Management Center, the specified number of unused codes in the subset is exported. For more information about exporting promotion codes, see Exporting promotion codes.